LOS ANGELES EVENT – Book Soup, Sept 9th

Hey y’all,

I will be in LA for the Intl Latino Book Awards the weekend of September 8th. Also, I will be doing a reading and signing on Sunday, September 9th at Book Soup in West Hollywood.

The event starts at 1pm. The versions of NOTV will be from the second print run with the new backcover, an “award winner” sticker, and, of course, my signature. If you appear, I may even write you a heartfelt dedicatory. Also, even if you can’t attend, but live in LA and want a signed copy, please call Book Soup to reserve/ask for a copy.

People work weekends. People travel. I get it. Actual attendance can be hard. But these requests for a signed copy have been an awesome show of support at places like Brazos and BookPeople, so please don’t feel that if you can’t make it, your hands are tied.

Some Select News

Hey y’all,

I am delighted to announce two important things. First, The Night of the Virgin was selected as a finalist for the International Latino Book Award for First Fiction. The winner will be announced in September and I plan on attending the awards ceremony in Los Angeles. NOTV was also picked as one of the “top ten” fiction books at The Latino Author

Second, the Las Comadres National Latino Book Club selected NOTV for its summer reading list. In that regards, here is a link to ten book club discussion questions.

Tejas Tour – Harvey Reschedule

Hey y’all,

we had this tiny, little hurricane down here in Texas, in case you missed it. Thus, in coordination with the Galveston Bookshop, we called off the book signing two Fridays ago. Now, after a lot of sun and hard work and sweat, I am happy to report that my family and I are safe (and our house is dry), and that the Galveston Bookshop is already open for business again!

I will be signing copies of NOTV and greetings readers in Galveston on Saturday, September 30th from 2pm until 4pm. Hope to see you there! This will be my last author event shindig of 2017 – new baby on the way – so jump on the bandwagon while you can.

Excerpt at Eephus Mag

LARB (Los Angeles Review of Books) has a really neat sports channel: Eephus Mag. In addition to columns and interviews, they also run excerpts from time to time of sports writing that borders on the literary. They generously ran a chapter from The Night of the Virgin a few weeks ago: the “leg break” incident when Manny’s foolish young dreams clash with reality.

Check it out here.

Tejas Tour – More Dates!

Hey y’all,

I had a blast at Brazos, at BookPeople in Austin, at The Twig in San Antonio, and at Paragraphs on Padre down in the Rio Grande Valley. It was a lot of travel in a short period time, but really cool to meet readers and booksellers!

Thus, my publicist arranged two more dates in Texas. We had to withdraw NOTV from a few book fairs because my wife is close to having our third child and I wouldn’t miss it for the world, but I am happy to announce that Saturday, August 5, I’ll be at the Half-Priced Books in North Houston off FM 1960. This won’t be a reading, just a meet and greet and one of the last few chances to get a signed copy of NOTV.  I’ll be there from 1-3pm. Come say “Hi.”

Note: our friends at BookPeople still have signed copies of NOTV at their online store and ship internationally. Check it out here.

Also, I am honored to be reading and signing at the lovely indie store Galveston Bookshop on Saturday, August 26 at 3pm. The store has a cat, Carson, is two stories, and located in a historic part of Galveston. I will be reading some chapters from NOTV and you honestly should come out for the awesome ambience.

In other news, USA Today published a glowing review of The Night of the Virgin that you can check out here. The columnist, Dr. Manuel Flores, actually reached out on GoodReads because he was amazed at how I got so many details right about life for working class Hispanics in South Texas. Don’t let my name fool you: my dad’s side is Mexican. And I worked in Edinburg for several years.

My publisher, RBM, also allowed me to give a signed copy of NOTV to LULAC’s office in Houston to help with their fundraising. It’s in the mail and on the way! Also, a signed copy of NOTV is available as part of a GoodReads giveaway that ends soon.

The Tejas Tour Recap

The Tejas Tour was a ton of fun. I got to meet lots of readers and also had some great chats with booksellers. I worked part-time as a librarian in Washington, D.C., for a few years, but getting a glimpse of the inner workings at indie stores was neat.

Things started off great at the NOTV launch at Brazos in Houston. The store had a lovely display and my heart skipped a beat when I first saw it.

I read two sections from NOTV. Here is a video of me reading at Brazos:

Brazos still has copies of NOTV for sale. They also have an online store so you can order a copy and get it shipped. Find more details here.

Two days later, I went to Paragraphs on Padre – a gorgeous store located on Padre Island.

Padre Boulevard is a major drag that runs North to South on the Island, so they set out a stand-sign for author events.

I read three chapters at Paragraphs on Padre. Here is a video:

And here is me just before signing some books.

For folks in the RGV, Paragraphs on Padre can order a copy of NOTV within a week upon request. Also, you can go to their website and get an eBook version for the Kobo reader and proceeds support the store.

The very next week, I went to San Antonio for a Thursday night reading at The Twig.

I read a few chapters at The Twig. Here’s a video:

And here’s a pic of me signing some books:

For folks in San Antonio, The Twig still has some signed copies on sale. They also can get a paperback copy within a week via RBM’s distributor, Ingram.

Two days later, I appeared at BookPeople in Austin. The store is massive and hosts tons of neat author events – it was cool seeing my name on their billboard.

The store also had a neat display of NOTV.

Here’s a pic of me reading at BookPeople:

Here’s a video of me reading at BookPeople:

And here’s a pic of me signing lots of copies:

BookPeople still has signed copies for sale, they have an online store, and they ship internationally. Check it out here.

Thanks so much to all these cool indie stores for being vibrant cultural spaces in our communities, for opening their doors to me, and for some great reading recs. It was lovely meeting all of you! My publicist also deserves a pat on the back.

Tejas Tour – Second Leg

I had a blast at the NOTV launch event at Brazos this past Thursday and also reading & signing at Padre Island on Saturday. I’m a bit gassed from the driving, but it was cool meeting readers in person and also the really neat people who run these amazing indie stores. I’ll have a proper post with pics up in a week or so. For now, you can still get a physical copy at Brazos and eBook versions (via Kobo) at Paragraphs on Padre.

And we have two more tour dates:

Thursday, June 8th, I will be at The Twig in San Antonio. Event starts at 5pm. The store is located off the River Walk and quite lovely. I’ll be reading two excerpts from the Night of the Virgin – one short, one longish. Most importantly, I will be meeting with readers and hopefully have time for some nice chats. A chunk of the novel happens in San Antonio, so expect some St. Mary’s and South San Antonio (mobile home community) jokes.

If you can’t attend, you can still reserve a signed copy. Check it out here.

Saturday, June 10th, I will be at BookPeople in Austin. This event in the afternoon – starts at 2pm. This is the largest indie bookstore in Texas and I’m excited to read two parts from my novel that include a ton of Austin jokes. I also will definitely make time to speak with my readers (aka friends) afterwards and look forward to your questions!

Again, if you can’t attend, support indie authors like me (and indie stores) by reserving a signed copy here.



Tejas Tour – First Leg

Hey friends – publication day is ever so close! I’m really excited and here’s the deal: I will be doing some readings, signings, and elbow-rubbery at cool indie book stores in the Lone Star State.

Thursday, June 1st, I will be at Brazos Bookstore in Houston.  At around 6pm, I’ll read two excerpts from The Night of the Virgin. One will be short and taken from the first half of the book. The second will be a longer diary sketch from the last quarter of the book. Then I’ll sign books, mingle, chat, plead, cry, etc. You know, the usual.

We will be recording the readings and posting them on Youtube to share with friends who can’t make it.

The absolute best way to support me as an artist and get The Night of the Virgin is to come and see me in person. The second best way is to get a copy from one of these indie stores – you can buy online, request a signed copy, and have it shipped to you (if you live in the US).

Saturday, June 3rd, I will be at Paragraphs on Padre on Padre Island in the Rio Grande Valley. At around 1pm, I will do the read-sign-answer questions-mingle thing. Even if you can’t make this event, if you live in the area – contact PoP to reserve your signed copy here.

EVENT – Summer Tejas Tour

     Hey y’all. I’m excited to announce that the kind folks at Brazos Bookstore in Houston are having me in their store for a reading and signing on June 1st (in the evening), the day of publication for The Night of the Virgin! I really, really want readers when possible to buy the novel in softcover at a local indie store or, also cool, to ask their local library to order it. 

     But the fun doesn’t stop then. My publicist has so far also lined up dates for BookPeople in Austin, The Twig in San Antonio, and Paragraphs on Padre in Padre Island, Texas (the RGV). Here are the dates and times:

     We are still waiting on a handful of other spots, but I’d love to meet as many of y’all as possible. Many of you are Twitter pals and been enjoying my journalism for years, so let’s meet and be buddies #IRL, no? 

Q & A with ReadDiverseBooks

     For Hispanic Heritage month last year, I had the pleasure of reviewing Juan Pablo Villalobos Fiesta en la Madriguera and also wrote a fun listicle on LatinX authors for ReadDiverseBooks.com. Rather than regurgitate the trite author Q & A’s that always pop up on the internets, Naz had me answer the #RapidFireBookTag questions this January. 

     Here are my answers.